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Eden is a performance media agency that delivers profitable scale for brands across the media landscape. We believe that media should balance the broader reach needed for growth with the efficiency needed to ensure strong ROI. Our job is to show brands where they can spend their next best dollar.

Our clients are under enormous pressure to meet aggressive targets, and as their companies grow they need to stay efficient and accountable. It’s not uncommon for them to hit a proverbial wall. We specialize in helping brands crack the code and scale their business. We focus on identifying new opportunities among markets, audience segments and channels.

To understand Eden, you must understand our beliefs. We believe that specialization is undervalued, and that media strategies are most powerful when coupled with deep channel expertise. We are experts in creatively applying consumer data and advanced analytics to develop custom media plans. To ensure exceptional execution, we work with channel-specific partners—executional experts who are as passionate about their craft as we are about ours. Collectively, we develop and execute custom solutions for brands that are ready to break out. 

Eden is proud to be a women-owned business. Our name is a symbol of possibility, optimism, and female strength. It is also an homage to our founder Alison Monk’s daughter, Eden, whose ethos is the embodiment of Alison’s own personal and professional value system of integrity and transparency.

Alison has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and media. She founded Eden Collective because she has observed a fundamental mismatch in the market between growth-stage, DTC brand needs and agency offerings. Large, integrated shops may offer the tools, talent and channel-level expertise, but clients with more modest budgets rarely have consistent access to senior talent and attention. The reality of agency economics driven by the high infrastructure costs and expert talent required at the individual channel level means that boutique agencies can rarely achieve scale (and therefore excellence) in more than a small set of channels. 

By operating as a collective, Eden makes it simple to access and activate senior-level expertise across disciplines while retaining a wholly unbiased approach to investment allocation and attribution.

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